Managed Services and Email Optimization

Managed Services and Email Optimization

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Grow your Email Marketing Revenue to New Heights

We will work with you on a monthly basis to create highly targeted email campaigns, increase revenue from your automated flows, and protect your sender reputation. 

1. Automated Flow Improvement and Maintenance

Each week we will analyze each flow, check open rates, click through, and email goals. From these results we will update, or expand on each flow. We can create more customized rules based on actions subscribers take, what they show interest in, and more.

As you get more subscribers, it’s crucial that we maintain a good sender reputation and continually optimize these flows.

2. Advanced Segmentation

As new products get introduced, Create Multiple Category Specific Segments based on engagement, customer vs non customer, interest categories, last purchase date, repeat customer, VIP customers, etc.

Creating deeper segmentation will allow us to later send tailored content and emails to the various flows already created. This will also help increase open rates and click through rates, which helps improve your sender reputation.

Also, we will create segments based on activity- and design campaigns based on open rates and click rates- making sure your sender reputation is protected.

3. Manual Promotional Campaigns 

Will design, write copy, segment, and schedule 4-8 different campaigns for new product launches, special promotions, and holidays etc. Each campaign being sent to different segments with customized content and offers.

4. Prune Current List

We will continue to prune and update your email list and manually remove any inactive subscribers who may be harming your open rates and sender reputation.

Without pruning, your costs will go up with Klaviyo, and your open rates will fall meaning less revenue over time.

5. Technical Support

We will be the main source of communication for any technical issues that may arrive with Klaviyo, and will contact support for any advanced strategy help. Often times we work with Klaviyo directly to discover new ways of optimizing campaigns, find new data, and segment in specialized ways as list grows more complex.

6. Email Capture Optimization

IF you like, we can migrate to Justuno or keep using your current software. I can help design and a/b test various offers, pop-ups, etc to help capture more visitors, thus increasing your overall email revenue. Some of my clients see email capture rates as high as 20-25% depending on the type of popups being used.