Write a 3 part Cart Abandonment Series that increases sales

Write a 3 part Cart Abandonment Series that increases sales

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Writing sales emails is both art and science.

Whether your nurturing leads, driving repeat customers, or recapturing lost leads, using the right copy can mean the difference between an email that gets deleted, or an email that sells.  

We specialize in direct response copywriting, so your leads are compelled to take action, fast!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You have Zero time to write expert email copy or set up automation

You know you need high quality emails to nurture leads and sell more on a consistent basis, but you keep putting it on the back burner.

Stop putting off projects that could can dramatically increase your revenue.

Hire us to get high quality emails designed to convert.

You need emails for cart abandonment and marketing campaigns to increase sales

For every $1 spent on email marketing, businesses report a $43 return on investment. We can create high quality email campaigns designed to turn into revenue.

You need to improve your existing autoresponder and outreach campaigns

You’ve done your research, copied some templates you googled, but are not getting the same promised results. We can help you improve you email sales by crafting content that speaks the right language and appeals to your customers.

What do all of these issues have in common?

They lead to lost revenue that we can help recapture with better email marketing.

We write a series of emails designed to convert lost customers into paying customers.

This gig comes with 3 personalized autoresponder emails.

Once you check out, we will send you a questionnaire with your product, service, offering, etc.

You’ll get an expert email sequence within 3 days.