Full Service Lifecycle Email Marketing Setup

Why You Need It:

You’re serious about increasing sales.

Lifecycle email marketing means you’re in it for the long-haul. It will become one of the most powerful strategies in your digital marketing toolkit.

It will help increase revenue, reduce customer acquisition costs, and increase customer lifetime value.


Here’s How Our Full Email Lifecycle Package (Seriously) Benefits You

Want customers to become familiar with you and your brand on a deeper level? You got it.

Want to see your revenue skyrocket? No problem.

Want to do all this without any extra work? Who Doesn’t?

This elite package is, well, the whole package. Want results like these below?

Email Marketing Results

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Our Full Service Email Lifecycle Package Comes With: 

Cart Abandonment Series

People are coming to your site, you've optimized it for conversions, but people still aren't buying. We can help you turn those visitors into profitable customers. 67% of visitors will abandon their cart before purchasing. With cart abandonment, you can re-capture those lost visitors and turn them into paying customers.

Browse Abandonment Series

An under utilized method to track what your prospects are looking at and send them relevant emails to entice them to purchase.

Welcome Series

Are your customers engaged with your brand? Do they know your unique selling proposition, or why they should purchase from you versus a competitor? This is where we indoctrinate new subscribers and push them to become new customers.

New Customer Series

Congratulate your new customers on their decision and make them feel great about purchasing from you. Give them the "new customer" experience and inspire them to become a repeat customer and increase revenue.

2nd Time Customer Series

When customers purchase a second time, they are more likely to purchase a 3rd or 4th time. We extend the customer lifetime value with this series generating more revenue.

VIP Series

Turn your best customers into brand ambassadors for your brand by offering the special promotions, first access, and exclusive treatment.

Re-engagement Series

Sometimes people stop responding to your emails over time. We create an automated series to re-activate your subscribers and get them buying like they used too. All while trimming your list and keeping your email deliver-ability score optimized.

Email Software Basic Setup

We will set up each campaign in your email software (Klaviyo is highly recommended), segment your subscribers, create your automated flows, and perform basic integration with your website platform.

Email Design

We will design each email we create and optimize them for conversions on both mobile and desktop. 

Check out some of our latest designs here.