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What is an email marketing drip campaign?


Marketing automation has taken off thanks to marketing automation platforms (MAP) like Klaviyo, HubSpot, and Marketo. They’re helped pave the way for businesses to better understand the customer journey and how to attract, nurture, and convert new customers.

Within the marketing automation ecosystem lives a specific technique called “drip marketing” or “lifecycle marketing”. Sure, drip marketing can apply to direct mail or phone-based marketing but we’ll focus on email for the purposes of this post. In short, the goal of an email marketing drip campaign is to nurture your leads through a series of automated emails. These emails are specifically built to walk people through the buying process and eventually, convert them into customers.

What is drip marketing?

Despite the rapidly changing technology landscape, email marketing is still one of the best ways to communicate with your leads, prospects, and customers. But what happens after you send an email? What if those people who aren’t ready to buy, never see an email from you again? That’s where drip marketing helps you seal the deal.

Drip marketing is a type of email marketing that enables you to combine traditional email marketing with marketing automation through a strategically crafted set of segmented or non-segmented emails.

When should you use a drip campaign?

An effective drip campaign can be your golden ticket to closing new customers. Most people find that drip campaigns are exponentially effective when engaging with prospects who are “higher” in the marketing funnel – which means they likely aren’t ready to buy yet.

It’s important to target “high-in-the-marketing-funnel” people with the right type of content that helps walk them through the buying process. For instance, you wouldn’t want to put a “buy now” offer in front of a user who has already decidedly passed on that type of offer.

How do you setup a drip campaign?

Before you setup anything, you need to have a strategic email marketing plan. One of the reasons drip marketing campaigns fail is because the content doesn’t speak to the prospect. Start by identifying your target market and then drill down to build out your buyer persona (demographics, pain points, etc). Next, outline the steps they’ll take, the pain points these feel, and what offers will help lead them down the path to conversion. Lastly, outline your campaign with a series of emails and what content each email will contain.

After you’ve laid out your plan, it’s time to execute the setup. Pick your favorite email marketing system (we love Klaviyo or Mailchimp), setup your drip campaign, and set the timing on when emails should be sent. Make sure that everything is synced correctly in the process and test, test, test. There’s nothing worse than sending a broken drip campaign to prospective customers.

Next Steps

Ready to get started with drip marketing for your business? There are two primary ways for you to get rolling. You can either can take the Macgyver approach and jimmy-rig a drip marketing campaign yourself or hire the experts to lend a hand. Either way, you’ll be off and running in no time. If you ever need some help from the Instant Email Copy team, just give us a shout!

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