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What are the most effective email marketing campaigns for an e-commerce store?

Marketing campaigns take many forms, and having an online store for your business is a key factor that contributes to growth. Not only do strong marketing campaigns expand your customer base, they also help to increase sales. When executed strategically, a marketing campaign dedicated to promoting your online store can position your business as a true threat.

Rest assured, your eCommerce store does not have to measure up to the likes of Amazon or eBay. With strategic amounts of consistency, planning, and not neglecting the fundamentals, your business, regardless of its size, can achieve similar results. You just need to know how to market your store in a favorable way. While there are a myriad of ways to accomplish that, we’ve provided three tried-and-true methods below.

Automated Email Marketing Campaigns (also known as flows)

One of the fiercest tools in the game right now is email automation. Not only is this a low-maintenance strategy, it’s one of the top ways to engage your customers. Reports show that customers consistently open automated emails, which increases both exposure to your store and the likelihood that they might purchase something. Overall, it is one of the most foolproof methods to influence customers, pique their interest in your store, and potentially purchase something.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content can include pictures, videos, and blog posts and is not only an economical decision due to its ability to cut production costs, but most importantly, it builds interaction with your customers and fanbase. An example of a brand who does this well is Doritos: each year during the Superbowl, they host a commercial submission contest where contestants can submit a video of their own creation and be featured during prime time. Not only does this get Doritos’ fans excited, but it creates a consistent rapport between business and customer, which ultimately increases sales and makes the experience fun for customers.

Create a Loyalty Program

The chief benefit of a loyalty program is no surprise: it builds long-term loyalty. Loyalty programs are known for incentivizing a shopper’s experience by rewarding them with benefits for spending money. Additionally, it is a great way to make your customers feel seen and appreciated for their contribution to your business. Loyalty programs can be marketed on social media or other online platforms these days, and are the perfect tool to bring your customers back time and time again, and perhaps spend more than they would otherwise.

Examples of Marketing Campaigns Done Well

Many businesses have struck gold in their marketing, making them highly successful over the long term. Common examples include the Dollar Shave Club, ASOS, and Zappos. These businesses drive home a simple point that cannot be overlooked: there are many different marketing approaches that can yield success. Begin by identifying your strengths, know the products you sell in and out and find ways to promote them in a way that works for your business specifically. When your strategies are put into practice consistently and offer a personal touch, they make for a dependable marketing approach, and most importantly, one that delivers results.

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