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Increase Your eCommerce Revenue 30-40% with Email Marketing. Guaranteed.

Email marketing masters who write, design, strategize and automate emails that give you the gift of more free time (and more sales).

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More Free Time. More Revenue.

…in three (super easy) steps.

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We strategize, write, design, test, and automate your email marketing, so you can be completely hands-free.

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You do it all.
But you shouldn’t have to.

We know your type.

You’re an eCommerce powerhouse. The brains behind your business. In other words, you don’t have the time to learn email marketing.

And you don’t have to. By working with Instant Email Copy, you can watch your revenue grow while freeing up more time for doing what you do best.

Increased revenue. Reduced stress. How does that sound?

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100+ eCommerce businesses

trust us

20-30% increased revenue

on average

Over $15,000,000 in tracked revenue

from email

Our Promise to You


Your email campaigns will be completely customized to your business and target market.


Give a little, get a lot. Our strategy is always centered on ROI. We guarantee a return on investment.

More Free Time. More Money Made.

Work with us and you will see two things grow: your revenue and your free time.

Simple and Hands-Free

From choosing a plan to launching your campaign, your email marketing endeavor will be easy. Leave the heavy lifting to us.


From researching your market to our final product, we are dedicated to you and your satisfaction every step of the way.


Our team is made up of experts in all facets of email marketing. So you can feel confident in working with us.

You have a list of subscribers…

Now what?

Whether you have hundreds of subscribers or haven’t sent a single email; whether you’re afraid to annoy your customers or aren’t quite sure about this whole “email marketing” thing… we’ve got some numbers that might change your tune.


Average ROI for every $1 spent on email marketing.


Consumers that prefer email communication from businesses.


Adults that send or read email in the United States.


Average number of mailing lists consumers sign up for.

Let’s get to work

Automated Email Marketing Flows We Create to Drive Revenue

Cart Abandonment Series

People are coming to your site, you’ve optimized it for conversions, but people still aren’t buying. We can help you turn those visitors into profitable customers. 67% of visitors will abandon their cart before purchasing. With cart abandonment, you can re-capture those lost visitors and turn them into paying customers.

New Subscriber

Are your customers engaged with your brand? Do they know your unique selling proposition, or why they should purchase from you versus a competitor? This is where we indoctrinate new subscribers and push them to become new customers.

2nd Time Customer Series

When customers purchase a second time, they are more likely to purchase a 3rd or 4th time. We extend the customer lifetime value with this series generating more revenue.


Sometimes people stop responding to your emails over time. We create an automated series to re-activate your subscribers and get them buying like they used too. All while trimming your list and keeping your email deliverability score optimized.

Browse Abandonment

An under utilized method to track what your prospects are looking at and send them relevant emails to entice them to purchase.

New Customer

Congratulate your new customers on their decision and make them feel great about purchasing from you. Give them the “new customer” experience and inspire them to become a repeat customer and increase revenue.

VIP Series

Turn your best customers into brand ambassadors for your brand by offering special promotions, first access, and exclusive treatment.

Transaction Email Optimization

Are your transactional emails optimized to turn 1st time customers into repeat customers via cross-sells and up-sells? Did you know receipts have the highest open rates, and that companies like Godaddy and Amazon use them to turn 1st time buyers into repeat customers?

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Hi, I’m Dean.

I started Instant Email Copy for eCommerce businesses just like yours.

See, I truly believe you are so much more than an eCommerce business owner. Your customers need you! They desperately want to form a relationship with you — not a faceless company.

I understand that you don’t have the time to become an email marketing expert on top of being a business owner. With my incredible team of copywriters, designers, strategizers, and marketing experts, you can reap the benefits of email marketing without putting in the extra time. That means more connections to your customers, more revenue each day, and more time for you.

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Instant Email Copy Is Your Connection to Your Customers

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